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Window Treatments Guide

For years, we have been known for our beautiful, bespoke window treatments. With access to our extensive fabric library, we offer all types of window treatments, from contemporary sheers to traditional drapes. We are shedding some light on the complexities of window coverings. It can be quite overwhelming as there are endless possibilities!

I hope you find some inspiration and helpful advice below. Of course we are here to manage it all for you. Please get in touch if you need assistance and advice, and feel free to email me, with your questions.

Curtains and Sheers

A soft floaty sheer for privacy and light filtering and block out curtains are not only great for sleeping in, it also provides insulation against cold in winter and heat in summer.

The convenience of motorising curtains is not only great if you want to open them from bed or the couch, but also as they are so heavy, the risk of damage by opening them manually is far greater than the ease of pushing a button.

We love using both in our interiors, with an extensive selction of fabrics avaiulabe and embellishment with trims and hardware, curtains have to be one of our favorite window treatments

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are primarily used for their convenience and affordability, rather than for their appearance. They offer versatility with options ranging from sunscreen/light filtering to full blockout, and their compact design makes them suitable for most spaces. They can be easily fitted into an architectural ceiling recess, and a blockout option works well in combination with a sheer curtain.

We can also use selected fabrics to make bonded roller blinds and these work well in certain applications if some extra decoration is needed.

Another benefit is that roller blinds can be motorised, either hardwired or with re-chargeable batteries, to avoid dangling cords, not to mention the ease of use compared to manually pulling up a heavy, long blind or a bunch of blinds.

Roman Blinds

Another versatile window treatment is the Roman blind, which can add style and color to your room with either a plain or statement fabric and trim embellishment.

Whether you prefer a blockout structured Roman blind or an unlined soft Roman blind, there are options to suit most window styles. Roman blinds are also a more affordable option than curtains, as less fabric is required. They can be operated by corded, chain, or motorised mechanisms.


Who doesn't love white plantation shutters? Shutters are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because they can be made with PVC for extra protection from steam and water. However, they may not be the best option for blocking out light completely. If you love the look but want to sleep in, they may not be suitable for a bedroom.

Tricky bay windows can still be a great feature when shutters are installed, and period details like leadlight can still be incorporated.

Kris x

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